Fall 2021 Heritage Management Series: "Who Owns the Past?"

Modern archaeology grew out of antiquarianism and imperialism, as early collectors and scholars used the past to construct identities, satisfy their curiosities, and affirm their aesthetic preferences. The Montgomery Fellows visiting Dartmouth in fall of 2021 explore how these legacies influence contemporary archaeology, museum practices, and policies to uncover, recover, and preserve cultural heritage.

Dates below indicate the length of the residency. Check our calendar for related events.

Joe Watkins

Designated Campus Colleague, School of Anthropology, University of Arizona, and Past President, Society for American Archaeology (2019-2021)
"Co-opting the Past, Re-creating the Present: Politics and Archaeology"
September 13–24, 2021

Patty Gerstenblith

Distinguished Research Professor, DePaul University College of Law
"Imperialism, Colonialism, Archaeology, and the 'Universal' Museum"
September 27–October 8, 2021

Salima Ikram

Distinguished Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo
"Displaying Egypt in Egypt: A Brief Overview of Museums in Egypt"
October 11–22, 2021

C. Brian Rose

James B. Pritchard Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania
"Archaeology, Museums, and War: Strategies for the 21st Century"
October 25–November 5, 2021

Charles Musiba

Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Denver
"Conservation of the Laetoli Footprints: What Went Wrong?"
November 8–19, 2021