Nominating a Fellow

The College encourages members of the Dartmouth community to nominate distinguished individuals to become a Montgomery Fellow.

Nomination Procedures

Potential candidates should possess:

  • An outstanding reputation in their field of endeavor.
  • A genuine enthusiasm for interacting with students and faculty.
  • A willingness to participate in a public presentation such as a lecture, a reading, a performance, or an exhibition.

In order to be considered, eligible candidates must be nominated by at least two members of the Dartmouth community, who should come from at least two different academic departments, programs, institutes, schools or other entities such as the Hopkins Center, the Library, or the Hood Museum. Each nominator must submit a separate questionnaire.

Nomination Timeline

Nominations are accepted any time, but note that review of nominations and potential selection of fellows occurs only during the Montgomery Endowment Steering Committee’s meeting.

The Committee meets twice per academic year, usually in October and May, to review nominations. If approved, the nominee will be added to a roster of potential Montgomery Fellows, from which the Director is authorized to extend an invitation.

Please note that the Steering Committee’s approval does not automatically entail an invitation and that the lead-time between nomination and invitation can take several years, depending on the nominee’s schedule, availability and fields of expertise, a balanced distribution of disciplines, the nominator’s presence on campus, and other criteria.


Nominators are asked not to inform the candidate about their nomination since being nominated does not guarantee an immediate invitation.