Eric van Hove brings the Mahjouba Initiative to Dartmouth

" Eric van Hove brings the Mahjouba Initiative to Dartmouth" by Madison Wilson, 9/18/18, The Dartmouth

Can a moped inspire change? Concept artist Eric Van Hove says yes.

Opening on Sept. 18, “Mahjouba at Dartmouth: a Collaboration with Eric Van Hove,” an exhibit that will open at the Strauss Gallery in the Hopkin’s Center, explores the College’s relationship with the artist and his new project, the Mahjouba Initiative.

The Mahjouba Initiative remakes cheap Chinese mopeds popular in Van Hove’s home of Marrakech, Morocco by using local artisans and materials. The moped runs on an electric engine, a far more ecologically sustainable model than the traditional explosive engine.

Mahjouba at Dartmouth, curated by studio art professor Jack Wilson, tells the story of Dartmouth and Van Hove’s relationship, as well as functioning as an exhibit of his artwork. Wilson said he began the process of curating last winter and was inspired by the the Majouba Initiative’s ability to cross disciplinary boundaries — the project involves students across campus, from arts to engineering. The exhibit will showcase the initiative’s “goals, explore its hybrid nature and connect creativity to real-world impact.

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The exhibition will be on display Sept. 18—Nov. 11, 2018, at Strauss Gallery, Hopkins Center for the Arts. Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat, 12:30-10PM. Sun 12:30 - 5:30PM. Closed Mondays and holidays.