Zia Haider Rahman


Zia Haider Rahman is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, In the Light of What We Know, which won the prestigious James Tait Black Prize, Britain's oldest literary prize, previous winners of which include EM Forster, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, Nadine Gordimer, Salman Rushdie, Iris Murdoch, Jonathan Franzen, and JM Coetzee. Writing in The New Yorker, the critic James Wood praised the novel as "Astonishingly achieved … Rahman proves himself a deep and subtle storyteller … Isn't this kind of thinking—worldly and personal, abstract and concrete, essayistic and dramatic—exactly what the novel is for? How it justifies itself as a form? …In the Light of What We Knowis what Salman Rushdie once called an 'everything novel.' It is wide-armed, hospitable, disputatious, worldly, cerebral. Ideas and provocations abound on every page … a dazzling debut." In The New York Review of Books, Joyce Carol Oates described the novel as "remarkable…a unique work of fiction bearing witness to much that is unspeakable in human relationships as in international relations."

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